❖ Greater safety for the community at large

❖ Children can ride their bikes in the street 

❖ Families can walk with / or without their dogs in relative safety 

❖ Lower insurance premiums 

❖ Higher property values 

❖ A road closure discourages broom sellers 

❖ A road closure discourages pamphlet distribution

❖ Community members get to know one another better & start talking to each other 

❖ Community members keep an eye on each other’s property   

❖ A road closure discourages loitering 

❖ Security personnel  at road closure booms / gates monitor all vehicles in & out of the area having an armed response service as back up in case of need 

❖ Road closure areas using one preferred armed response service provider can negotiate a lower rate per home for armed response services

❖ The monthly cost for the services is shared between those who support the service making the contribution less expensive and more affordable for all residents  

❖ Crime is generally a lot lower in road closure areas due to the frequent armed patrols