Maintaining road closures during loadshedding

The cold weather has hit us with a vengeance knocking temperatures down to single figures.

An icy wind blows from the South trying desperately to blow the ever increasing crime away. The bad news is that criminals make hay while the outages persist using the blackout as a way of not being seen in the dark whilst committing a crime.

In keeping up with technology we are offering either a 2 battery or 4 battery inverter system which will keep the lights on during these all too frequent outages which by the look of things will become even more frequent.

In keeping it as simple as possible the inverter can simply be plugged into a mains supply point which will keep it charged. A multiplug adaptor can then be used to connect the equipment in use.

The alternative is to have the unit wired into the DB board in the guardhouse.

In addition to the inverters we also have solar powered road studs. These units are glued onto the road surface and once charged will flash literally every second -for up to about 72 hours. These units are ideal as a warning on an approach to a closure or on a dangerous curve in the road.



The round design of the Solar Road Stud creates a good appearance while relieving the impact from traffic load and indicating hazardous areas and traffic circles.

The stud can take up to 15 tons compression resistance and is fitted with with three LED lights to make it visible for up to 700 m away

Ideal warning system for periods of load-shedding.

On a full charge (daylight- sunshine) they will operate for up to 72 hours.


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