The latest news on road closures

The latest news on road closures as at today’s date and for a change SOME GOOD NEWS

In previous correspondence we mentioned that Council was running extremely late on delivery of minutes from the last section 45 meetings. The good news is that all minutes have now successfully been delivered



The next step is to wait the delivery of letters from Council giving us the go ahead to continue with the closure under certain conditions. We hope that these letters arrive .within the next week or two

Once they arrive I will communicate with the respective closures and will arrange for the advertising for both a local newspaper and the Government Gazette to be placed. We then wait 30 days for any objections to be lodged. Should there be objections, the objections must be dealt with prior to any other work on the closure being done. If there are no objections we can continue with the purchase and erection of equipment required



We are still chasing a number of departments for Wayleave approval suffice to say that some departments keep changing the goal posts making our work a lot more time consuming – BUT WE ARE GETTING THERE.


New requirement which affects every closure –   EMS – (EMERGENCY MEDICAL AND FIRE SERVICES)  -require a  minimum  4,2 meter wide opening  for the “NEW” fire tenders (when we get  them) I suggest making it 4,5 meters wide. They are also saying  that those closures with middle mannetjies (poles in the centre of the road )  with push button systems, must either remove the poles, or widen the road (at their cost) or work a system where the centre pole can be laid flat on the road to allow these new vehicles clear access.  Please remember and take note that emergency services need 24 hour unhindered access at all times

While on this point – it is also up to each homeowner to ensure that their house number or erf number is clearly visible at the point of entry. Reflective numbers are available at most hardware shops. Make sure that the services can find you without delay especially in cases of medical emergencies.



I have investigated the supply and installation of SOLAR ROAD STUDS. These units can be installed on the road at the approach to the boom or gate. A minimum of 6 units will be required – 3 each side of the boom or gate. They have been approved by Council.

When fully charged they will blink for up to 40 hours. They are reasonably priced and available locally. We can do the installation. If interested or need more details please call me.

 Until next time take care and stay safe