March News Letter

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Good day to all,

A short newsletter advising all that I will not be going away over the Easter Holidays and that I will make myself available to any of you who wish to proceed with their road closure applications.

The April holidays are April 19th – Good Friday #​April 22nd – Family Day- Monday April 27th – Family Day – Saturday and May1st –Workers Day –Wednesday.

I would like to get as many files prepared as soon as possible during April so that they can be handed into Council in preparation for the next Section 45 meetings

There are a number of closures that I respectfully ask to check on in respect of RENEWAL DATES. Take the date upon which the advertisement was placed in the Government Gazette, then take 30 days for objections, then a further 2 months from this date. This is the date upon which your closure became operative. Your renewal date is 24 months after this date, but remember that you need to start the renewal process at least 2 months prior to the expiry date – (see schedule at the end of this newsletter)

There are also a couple of closures that are falling behind with their payments and here again I ask you respectfully to catch up with all payments

Please call me to set up fixed appointments where assistance is required, either with completion of the forms or obtaining quotations for work that needs to be done on site ie gates, booms, signage, guard huts , electrification etc ## Please remember that all guard huts must be compliant

I have now got a comprehensive list of sub- contractors that I have worked with in the past who I can rely on and who give a good service at a fair price.
If any of you have specific contractors that you would like to recommend please send me their details and I’ll add them onto my list


The Council has advised that no extensions of time will be given to any closure applied for or renewed PRIOR TO 2019
Any NEW closure or any closure that RENEWS THEIR POLICY with effect from January 2019 will be eligible for an extension of time

How it will work:
Any new application or renewal will in the first instance apply for the standard 2 year (24 month) period. Once approved let the closure run for about 6 months. If all is well & there are no problems we can then submit one additional form requesting an extension of 2 years – giving you a four year term.

Road closure renewal dates – please check and confirm with me

❖ Peach Farm ​​​December 2019
❖ Glenluce ​​​April 2021
❖ Valley Road ​​November 2018 – this closure needs to be renewed as soon as possible
❖ Third Road Hyde Park – January 2020
❖ Darrenwood ​​September 2019
❖ Linmeyer Eco ​​October 2019
❖ Jubilee Place ​​January 2020
❖ Ormonde Road ​​June 2019

There are 3 closures waiting letters following the Section 45 meetings which I am following up upon
There are 6 new road closures just getting off the ground and
There are 7 closures busy with their renewals

Lastly please make sure that your security companies follow the rules of closure. The JMPD is out there checking on the closures and have found several transgressors who have received warnings
Also check with your Security companies and ensure that your security officers have a fast armed response backup especially in these times.

Be alert! Be safe!