We are a Security Company that specialises in Suburban Security Road Closures.

The Johannesburg Council in conjunction with Johannesburg Roads Agency has updated the 2014 Policy dealing with Security Access Restrictions (Road Closures) in November 2018.

The Policy publicises the new terms and conditions which has a mandate to standardise all structures.

In Johannesburg alone, there are over 400 road closures.  Many of these have either  not renewed their road closure after the two-year standard expiry date or are illegal as they were erected without permission.

With effect of January 2019 the Council, Johannesburg Roads Agency and the Johannesburg Metro Police have been working together to rectify this situation. Any expired or illegal road closures will be given a thirty-day grace period to prove to Council that they have commenced with a new application. Failure to do so will result in the Council (JMPD) removing these structures and fining the affected closures respectively.

All 2014 documents have been upgraded within the new policy framework which requires additional information.

All expired road closures that did not complete a renewal, must now re-apply as a new road closure.

Road Closures which are nearing their termination date may apply for a straight renewal.

Whilst the terms and conditions are in many cases similar to the 2014 policy, there are a number of changes to the 2018 document:

    • All road closures must be manned by a PRISA registered Security Company as well as registered Security Officers
    • No road closure will be approved or allowed within an existing road closure
    • Traffic Impact Studies will be necessary for all closures with forty or more homes
    • Traffic safety audits will be necessary for smaller closures as well as those situated in Cul de Sacs
    • Wayleave applications will be required for every road closure
    • All road closures must register either as a Residents Association, A Pty Ltd, A Public Benefit Organisation or a Section 21 Nonprofit Company.
    • In certain cases, Automation of booms will be allowed provided that there is still a registered Security officer manning the booms in case of failure. The security officers manning the booms will be the only individuals who may have remotes for that boom
    • No remotes, access cards or tags etc. may be handed out to residents
    • No spikes are allowed to be installed on any Council roads
    • Speed humps can be applied for in a separate applicationGuard huts are required to have an electrical compliance certificateo LPR (license plate recognition) cameras will be allowed on condition that the Council is exonerated from any legal actions that may be taken by residents.
    • No centre Islands or middle- mannetjies will be allowed on single lane carriageways which narrow down the road preventing the Fire Brigade passing through in cases of emergency
    • Arrangements must be made to allow any emergency service unobstructed entrance to any road closure 24 hours a day
    • All main entrances to a closure must with immediate effect have the period of validity clearly visible
    • An extension of time may be applied for prior to expiry date of the closure once renewed

It is important to note that the applicable Council fees have increased. ​

The process involved with applying for or renewing a road closure is extremely time intensive:

There is a great deal of documentation; paperwork; phone calls and e-mails required in order to obtain all relevant quotations.

Advertisements need to be placed in a local newspaper and the Government Gazette.

Signage required must be in accordance with the traffic regulations.

Letters of endorsement are required from the SAPS and the local councilor.

Files must be handed into Council. Files must be ring bound – no hard cover files

A Section 45 meeting must be attended.

All work completed on site is required to be supervised and monitored